“What If…?” – Seeking Nuance and Kicking the Tires

“What if…?” has become a powerful and oft-used question over the last pandemic era – perhaps more than at any point in our lifetimes, as we’ve pondered the many changes that COVID could bring. I recently heard about a March 2020 article discussing our collective cultural responses to the pandemic in three terms: a blizzard (our initial short-term ‘stayContinue reading ““What If…?” – Seeking Nuance and Kicking the Tires”

Using People-First Language for Dignity and Respect

Academia and business are different worlds, with different goals and day-to-day work. And yet, after working at Harvard for 15 years, I find that a lot of the work that resonates with clients most comes from the academic world. Recently I was reminded of the concept of “people-first language” by a Black student, who postedContinue reading “Using People-First Language for Dignity and Respect”

What Does “Good Work” Mean Anyway?

You may have seen some of the recent articles about the ‘giant game of musical chairs’. Huge numbers of workers are leaving/changing their jobs as workplaces around the US are reopening. Perhaps you’re even one of those people who’ve chosen a new job or a whole new career path. While we’re living our day-to-day reality we don’tContinue reading “What Does “Good Work” Mean Anyway?”

Inclusion in the ‘Next Stage’

Now that COVID vaccinations are becoming more widespread, how many conversations have you been part of recently revolving around the ‘next stage?’ Whether personal gatherings, community meetings, or ongoing work, you may have been involved in a number of ‘what does this mean for us?’ brainstorms about how to step out of the Zoom windowContinue reading “Inclusion in the ‘Next Stage’”

Racial Affinity Groups… for White People?

Are you aware of identity-based affinity groups in your workplace? Or in your faith community? Or other communities of which you’re a part? If you’re a person of color or a member of another marginalized community, the value of such a group may seem obvious to you – such groups can be a chance to engage withContinue reading “Racial Affinity Groups… for White People?”

Sitting In The Tension Of “Both / And”

“Do you think [politician or leader X] is a racist?” How often have you heard versions of this question in interviews, political debates, or press conferences? If you’re like me, the question results in an eye roll. Of course that person is a racist. We are all racist. But that in itself is not the complete story. I’ve been inContinue reading “Sitting In The Tension Of “Both / And””

Is Divisiveness Inevitable?

Have you ever found yourself showing support for something or someone, followed by backlash that makes you question your choice to show support in the first place? Even if you still have the same feeling of support, others’ responses might have shown you that the situation is much more complicated and nuanced than you’d previouslyContinue reading “Is Divisiveness Inevitable?”

What’s Your Origin Story?

Super heroes aren’t the only ones with an origin story. Chances are if you work in an established organization, you’re familiar with its own story – who the organization’s founders were, what was the idea that sparked it all… Often it’s an idea written on the back of a napkin, which may even be framedContinue reading “What’s Your Origin Story?”

Fighting Bias, Building Inclusion And Chopping Firewood

I spent much of the weekend chainsawing dead trees, then splitting the logs with axes and wedges, and stacking it for firewood. We’ve tapped a few maple trees around our house, and used much of the wood on a fire to boil down a sap to make maple syrup. But much of the wood willContinue reading “Fighting Bias, Building Inclusion And Chopping Firewood”

Identifying And Working With Physical Manifestations Of Stress

How do you experience stress and worry? For many people, the experience of stress is stressful in itself – the mind races as it jumps from item to item, thinking of all that needs to get done, or of worst case scenarios. This often occurs in the middle of the night, interrupting sleep and onlyContinue reading “Identifying And Working With Physical Manifestations Of Stress”