Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

In the current climate, many companies and organizations’ employees are working remotely. This can provide additional challenges to teams who are used to working side-by-side in person. Below are a few free activities you can use with your team while working online.

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Networking Bingo

An asynchronous activity for a team or department to use over time to build connections and meaningful interactions. We have a Networking Bingo card that each person in your group can print out and use whenever talking to a colleague, either one-on-one or in online group meetings. Prizes are recommended, based on the organization’s capacity.


Do your meetings start off with stilted conversations while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive? Would your team be helped by more personal connection? We have a list of ice-breaker questions you can use to open online meetings, or you can post one each day on Slack (or whatever workflow instant messaging you use) and people can post their responses on their own schedule.

Online Back-to-Back Drawing

A variation of the classic team building activity. One person draws a simple picture off-camera, then describes it in detail to the other meeting participants, who try to replicate it. A great tool to explore the team’s communication styles, and look at how effective these styles are in real-life work situations. Here is a video describing the in-person paired version of this activity.

Book Group

You may wish to choose something business-oriented as a case study to examine which isn’t so closely tied to your own business, or a book with more human themes. Ideally everyone would have access to the book – either borrowing from a library’s online app, or by your organization providing copies. We have a list of book recommendations on topics related to inclusion & belonging.

Let’s build bridges together.