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Anchor Songs: How Music Builds Team Memories

Each of us has certain songs that, when you hear them, instantly bring back a particular memory in profound ways, as if transporting you back in time. Even if you heard that same song dozens of times before that key memory, that’s the moment it will forever be associated with for you. When I hear…

Hearing vs. Fixing: Are You Supporting How They Want to be Supported?

Have you ever shared a frustration, a sadness, or some other strong emotion with someone, only for that person to jump right into “fixing” mode? Or maybe even tell you why you shouldn’t feel that way? Maybe they even agree with you, but somehow their agreement feels diminishing of your own experience in some way.…

Is a Four-Day Work Week in Your Future?

Have you noticed the change in TV culture over the last two decades? At least here in the US, there has been a seismic shift from 22-episode a year network dramas (created for syndication and reruns) to 6-8 episode ‘prestige’ dramas (created for streaming). Suddenly it’s a lot easier to catch up on a show…

What We Do

Online Offsites and Board Retreats for community building, communication, diversity, inclusion, & belonging

“Ian was able to facilitate an amazing day of learning for me and my staff of 65. We left feeling like we better understood each other, and were aligned around common goals and a common purpose.  Definitely the best offsite facilitation we have had!” 
– Mike Salguero, CEO, ButcherBox

Consulting to support group dynamics and organizational goals. Do you know that your teams could be more effective and cohesive, but aren’t sure how to get there?

“Ian led a team building session at our church’s annual Board retreat. In two hours, he led us through two deceptively simple activities. Through these activities, and Ian’s gentle, skillful debriefing with us, we grew in trust and affection for one another. A few interesting tensions and strengths in our team were also revealed, in an atmosphere that encouraged new understanding and connection around these. We’re grateful for Ian’s facilitation!”
– Steve Watson, Senior Pastor, Reservoir Church

Online Trainings and Workshops exploring organizational norms and challenges when cultures meet. Do you ever experience challenges working with other organizations, or even with other departments within your own organization?

“The Lego-building exercise helped us to learn a lot about ourselves and each other in a short amount of time. I could see aspects of what I’ve come to know as each person’s approach to working on problems; I also have a new insight into my own approach.” 
– Amanda Bosh, Senior Lecturer, MIT

Online/in-person group dynamics – Leading equitable teams in a hybrid world. Does your team consist of both in-office and remote team members? Does it feel unbalanced and challenging to include everyone equally? 

During my tenure as President of the Harvard Extension Student Association, Ian provided me great wisdom and insight on how to increase engagement in my in-person/online hybrid meetings.”
– Joshua Boyd, former President, Harvard Extension Student Association

Meaningful play for a staff culture of authentic communication and inclusion, through a wide variety of playful activities, to help groups explore underlying behaviors that affect workplace situations on a daily basis

“I felt immediately motivated to trust, support, and rely on the other people in my group. I felt the heart of this exercise expanding outward and creating concentric circles within the room. I can now envision concentric circles expanding across every aspect of our school and even across Waldorf schools.” 
– Jen Minotti, Board Member, Waldorf School of Lexington

Online Facilitator Training to transform your employees’ ability to lead meetings into productive and inclusive experiences which honor all voices

“I was truly blown away by how much I learned about myself through some of the activities Ian facilitated. Ian did a great job of pushing our company to take what we learned and apply it to our everyday work as well. He also was really informal and laid back which meshed well with our company culture.” 
– Building Bridges program participant

Storytelling Workshops – Individual, group, and organizational storytelling are key in building meaningful engagement in organizational goals.

“[Ian] made sure everyone was included and heard. It made for a very insightful and eye-opening day!” 
– Building Bridges program participant

Let’s build bridges together!