Stop Looking at Your Results!

Are you someone who starts each year with New Year’s resolutions? If so, how do they usually go for you? Are you able to stick with them throughout the year? Maybe a month or two? Or do they usually fade away after a couple of weeks, or even days? Assuming the latter (sorry, but let’sContinue reading “Stop Looking at Your Results!”

Claiming Space and Creating Space

How often are you talked over by someone in a meeting? How often do you talk over someone else? How often do you find yourself listening to someone go on and on, with no real entry point to offer your own thoughts? How often would others say the same about you? Now think about aContinue reading “Claiming Space and Creating Space”

How Has Mentoring Others Grown You?

We’ve all had mentors. And whether or not you’ve ever held an official title of “mentor,” all of us have at one point or another served as a mentor for others. If you’re a parent, mentoring is intrinsically woven into your daily life – even as your child becomes an adult in their own right.Continue reading “How Has Mentoring Others Grown You?”

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno (No No No)” – What Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Might Have to Offer Your Team

If you enjoy the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda (or you have children in your house who devour Disney movies) you may be familiar with Disney’s latest animated movie; their 60th, Encanto. Following the viewpoint character of Mirabel – the only member of the family Madrigal not to receive the gift of a magical talent –Continue reading ““We Don’t Talk About Bruno (No No No)” – What Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Might Have to Offer Your Team”

Partnering for a Change in Perspectives

In your line of work, how often do you work in partnership with someone else? Do you have a regular partner, or partnership team? When was the last time you partnered with someone new on a project or initiative? If it’s been a long time, is that by choice? In my work as a facilitator,Continue reading “Partnering for a Change in Perspectives”

Balancing The “More” With The “New”

Many organizational questions boil down to the categories of Evolution and Revolution: “What can we improve or change?” (Evolution) and “What can we do that hasn’t been done before?” (Revolution). A number meetings I’ve been a part of recently – with different groups of people, in different contexts – have ended up circling the same question: “Instead of Evolution,Continue reading “Balancing The “More” With The “New””

“Black is King” and Challenging Your Center of Gravity

Last year, because of some writing work I had done on the music icon Prince, I was invited backstage following a show by his former band the New Power Generation. There, with some of the musicians I had listened to for the last 25 years of my life, we had a lengthy conversation about howContinue reading ““Black is King” and Challenging Your Center of Gravity”

Lessons from the Life of John Lewis

Two years ago, I was fortunate to be working at Harvard’s 367th Commencement ceremony, at which John Lewis received an honorary doctorate. In his speech, he encouraged everyone in attendance to make “necessary trouble” and stand up for justice, “even when injustice wears a uniform.” Mr. Lewis’s death last Friday has caused me – along with manyContinue reading “Lessons from the Life of John Lewis”

Tend To Your “Seedlings”

In Massachusetts, where I live, it finally feels like Spring. As my family and I have tended to seedlings for our vegetable garden, I’ve been thinking about how the process of caring for these fragile plants connects with our own work in these unusual times. Many of us have put important projects – professional and personal creative projectsContinue reading “Tend To Your “Seedlings””

The Value of Pre-Made Commitments

“I have found that my pre-made commitments — the ones you refuse to talk yourself out of — are the ones that stick… Anything I’ve enjoyed doing in the long run — marriage, business, leadership — I was terrible at to start. But I made the pre-made commitment to improve and I’ve tried to learn from myContinue reading “The Value of Pre-Made Commitments”