Corporate Webinars

Building Bridges Leadership offers online workshops for any organization looking to build practical skills for your team while also building community. These interactive one-hour sessions are designed to give you practical skills you can implement right away in your workplace – regardless of your position.

Our available slate of workshops is listed below. To find out more or to set up a webinar, please contact us. All workshops are available to be tailored for your organization. We are always happy to work with you on any other topic areas you would like covered also.

I Know I’m Privileged… Now What Do I Do with That?

Have you been learning more about your own privilege in recent months? Where has that left you? Explore ways you can use your privileges to create a more equitable environment for those who don’t have the same advantages.

Join Building Bridges Leadership for an online workshop to support you – regardless of your role – in understanding and using your privileges to make a difference to others, in your workplace and elsewhere in your life.

“Othering” – The Harm of Exclusion & How to Avoid Doing It

How often do you feel excluded from a group of people? Like you just didn’t belong or aren’t welcome because of some aspect of your identity? How aware are you when the people around you have that experience? How can you consciously make choices that identify and reduce “othering” and instead build belonging?

Join Building Bridges Leadership for an online workshop to equip you with tools to stand against “othering” in the workplace – and beyond – and to build a more inclusive community for all.

Masking and Code-Switching: A Primer for the Workplace

Do you find that you choose to act differently – or speak differently – at work than you do in other settings? This can be a tool to “fit in”, but for all of us – and especially members of marginalized groups – it can come at the expense of our own identity and authenticity.

Join Building Bridges Leadership to explore the concepts of masking and code-switching, and to learn practical tools to build a more authentic workplace community which accepts people for who they truly are.

How to Build Community in the Meetings You Run – Or Attend! 

Do your meetings feel dry or impersonal? Do you ever groan when you think about attending an upcoming meeting? How often have you been in meetings where you didn’t feel like your voice was heard? Or – if you were leading the meeting – where you left feeling like you’d done the heavy lifting and the other people in the room didn’t add as much as you wanted?

So often, meetings remind us of hierarchies and divisions – reminders of who holds power and who doesn’t – rather than as the community-building points of connection that they could be. Whether you are someone who runs meetings or someone who participates in meetings, you can make a difference in making those meetings more inclusive and effective. You can help meetings be places where community is built, not broken.

Join Building Bridges Leadership for an online workshop to support you – regardless of your role – in using meetings to build an inclusive community in your workplace.

Working Remotely and Thriving on a Team

With the quickly-changing world around us, many of us are working on remote teams for the first time. If your team wasn’t designed to be remote when it was created, this is a whole new way of working.

Whether you are a manager leading a remote team for the first time, or you are a member of a team who would like to be your best self while working remotely, this workshop will give you the tips and tools you need to make your remote team thrive!

Join Building Bridges Leadership for an online workshop that will prepare you – regardless of your role – to build stronger connections with your team to support you all in excelling in uncertain times.

Team Building Activities in the Workplace

So often, team bonding takes the form of going bowling or going out for drinks – ie. activities outside of the workplace. These can take a lot of scheduling, and you may not be surprised to see that some people don’t show up.

By bringing team building into your workplace on an ongoing basis, you show that your team is right at the heart of what matters at work. You can run activities that are fun and playful, that make everyone laugh, while at the same time revealing insights into how the team members work together and impact each other.

Join Building Bridges Leadership for an online workshop that will empower you – regardless of your role – to create and run team building activities that make a last difference in your workplace.

Let’s build bridges together.