Where Could You Find Your “New Rope” Excitement?

As part of my repertoire of facilitation, I work regularly with other facilitators at an outdoor challenge course, which offers high ropes activities and team building experiences for organizations and school groups. The facilitator team is much more diverse than one might expect – with the common challenge course stereotype of middle-aged white men inContinue reading “Where Could You Find Your “New Rope” Excitement?”

The “Endless Present” and the War for Our Attention

Who would have thought that so much would happen on July 12, 2022? Between the astounding deep space images NASA is releasing from the James Webb Space Telescope, the seventh public hearing from the January 6th Committee into last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, the funeral of Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, protestsContinue reading “The “Endless Present” and the War for Our Attention”

Take Time To Take Stock

In the midst of our own busyness – and business – as the world has changed so much on a macro and a micro level over the last few months, it’s easy to forget that each and every one of us has also been fighting a pandemic. Playing our own individual role in preventing theContinue reading “Take Time To Take Stock”

Tend To Your “Seedlings”

In Massachusetts, where I live, it finally feels like Spring. As my family and I have tended to seedlings for our vegetable garden, I’ve been thinking about how the process of caring for these fragile plants connects with our own work in these unusual times. Many of us have put important projects – professional and personal creative projectsContinue reading “Tend To Your “Seedlings””

Choose a Different Seat

Whether you rooted for the 49ers or the Chiefs on Sunday (or adamantly avoided the Super Bowl), whether you are staunchly Democrat or staunchly Republican (or want to stay out of politics altogether), there’s no shortage of “us vs. them” scenarios in the world these days. Whether playful or deadly serious, you needn’t look past your emailContinue reading “Choose a Different Seat”