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Today’s business leaders are recognizing the need to create a culture where employees are meaningful contributors with a stake in the organization’s success, and where each and every employee’s authentic voice is valued. Ian Jackson works with small and medium-sized organizations to build such a culture of teamwork, equity, and inclusion.

Ian Jackson

Founder, Facilitator and Consultant

With a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and 20+ years creating and facilitating programs in team-building, diversity, inclusion & belonging, Ian brings a unique approach to learning, growth and change. Over the past decade he has delivered in-person, online, and hybrid programs to Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education’s worldwide population of students and staff. Using a model of ‘serious play,’ Ian creates opportunities for the development of group dynamics through retreats, workshops, and ongoing team work. In his ‘spare time,’ Ian is also the writer and host of the original story podcast for kids, Tales from the Moosiverse, which inspires and invites children to create their own stories.

Email me: ian@buildingbridgesleadership.com

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