Be Aware of the Masks You Wear

Masks have become an essential part of life these days. From grocery stores to workplaces, most of us are wearing masks whenever we’re around others (if you’re not, please do!). But of course, there are different kinds of masks, and we have all been wearing masks throughout our life, whether we realize it or not.Continue reading “Be Aware of the Masks You Wear”

Alleviating Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue is real. Articles are popping up all over the place about this, because many of us are feeling it on a daily basis. If you’re exhausted after sitting through a string of work calls and hangouts with friends and family, there are valid reasons for this. Between the focus needed to pay attention, the awareness of being lookedContinue reading “Alleviating Zoom Fatigue”

Try Something That Shouldn’t Work On Zoom

One consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world and our resulting change of routines is that we’ve all been forced to become more creative in how we rise to face challenges. From creating face masks out of bandanas and hair ties to holding your wedding on Zoom, or finding creative ways to exercise or cook, we’re all finding new ways toContinue reading “Try Something That Shouldn’t Work On Zoom”

Creating A Virtual Water Cooler

I hope this message finds you all staying safe, healthy, and at peace during these trying times. At this point, you may have a love/hate relationship with Zoom. More than likely you have used Zoom (or other video-conference platforms) more in the last few weeks than at any other time in your life. Between making sureContinue reading “Creating A Virtual Water Cooler”

Strengthening Connections in a Time of Social Distance

If you are one of the many billions of people whose life has been upended by the COVID-19 outbreak, you may find your mind vacillating between two polar opposites. On one extreme you may find your mind pre-occupied with your own well-being and the well-being of those you care most deeply about. On the other extreme, you mayContinue reading “Strengthening Connections in a Time of Social Distance”

Futureproofing & Parallel-pathing – the “Garbage Language” We Use in the Workplace

“No matter where I’ve worked, it has always been obvious that if everyone agreed to use language in the way that it is normally used, which is to communicate, the workday would be two hours shorter.“ – Molly Young, “Garbage Language: Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?“ Have you seen this piece from New YorkContinue reading “Futureproofing & Parallel-pathing – the “Garbage Language” We Use in the Workplace”

“And the Award for Best Acting in a Workplace goes to…”

Not being yourself in the workplace might help you win an Oscar if you work in Hollywood, but in most work environments, it just leads to burnout. And for most of us, not being yourself isn’t as obvious as acting as Judy Garland or the Joker. It’s usually more subtle, like hiding pieces of our identity thatContinue reading “And the Award for Best Acting in a Workplace goes to…”

Drop-In AMAs

Do you have that one colleague whose work you just don’t understand? You’re always confused about what their role is and what it is they actually do? Turning it around, would any colleagues wonder the same about you? Whether we work in a complex organizations with multiple departments, or in a small tight-nit organization, manyContinue reading “Drop-In AMAs”