Inclusion in the ‘Next Stage’

Now that COVID vaccinations are becoming more widespread, how many conversations have you been part of recently revolving around the ‘next stage?’ Whether personal gatherings, community meetings, or ongoing work, you may have been involved in a number of ‘what does this mean for us?’ brainstorms about how to step out of the Zoom windowContinue reading “Inclusion in the ‘Next Stage’”

Racial Affinity Groups… for White People?

Are you aware of identity-based affinity groups in your workplace? Or in your faith community? Or other communities of which you’re a part? If you’re a person of color or a member of another marginalized community, the value of such a group may seem obvious to you – such groups can be a chance to engage withContinue reading “Racial Affinity Groups… for White People?”

Sitting In The Tension Of “Both / And”

“Do you think [politician or leader X] is a racist?” How often have you heard versions of this question in interviews, political debates, or press conferences? If you’re like me, the question results in an eye roll. Of course that person is a racist. We are all racist. But that in itself is not the complete story. I’ve been inContinue reading “Sitting In The Tension Of “Both / And””

Is Divisiveness Inevitable?

Have you ever found yourself showing support for something or someone, followed by backlash that makes you question your choice to show support in the first place? Even if you still have the same feeling of support, others’ responses might have shown you that the situation is much more complicated and nuanced than you’d previouslyContinue reading “Is Divisiveness Inevitable?”

Honoring Your Team’s “Anniversary Reactions” (And Your Own!)

Coronavirus cases first appeared around the world in late 2019. For many readers of this email, however, the most direct impacts began in March 2020 – perhaps even a year ago this week. Changes that started with the hope of short-term impacts have, for most of us, continued to this day. Along the way, manyContinue reading “Honoring Your Team’s “Anniversary Reactions” (And Your Own!)”

Being Real In A Virtual World

Over the last week I have been part of a number of conversations in which people lamented that decisions were being made in their workplace – decisions that affected them directly – without any clarity about why. And the people saying this to me are long-time employees in relatively senior positions themselves, but they were eachContinue reading “Being Real In A Virtual World”

Working In Isolation? How The TV Writers’ Room Approach Can Help You Find “The Good Place”

A large component of my work world involves writing – from reports to podcasts, curriculum design to articles… And while the bulk of my writing revolves around the dynamics of people working and interacting with each other, the writing itself is largely done by myself. As I write, I often need to think about world-building – howContinue reading “Working In Isolation? How The TV Writers’ Room Approach Can Help You Find “The Good Place””

Team Meetings In A Time Of Distraction

How often are you in (or leading) a meeting but finding it hard to concentrate because of something happening in the wider world? How often have you noticed someone else in the meeting suddenly disappear – mentally, if not physically. “Breaking news” pop-ups have become commonplace as the business of news seeks our attention, andContinue reading “Team Meetings In A Time Of Distraction”

Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room…

While last week’s attack on The Capital was still taking place, writer Saladin Ahmed – whose work I admire – tweeted “next week some middle aged white man is still gonna get paid for a column about how we need to build bridges.” Mr. Ahmed doesn’t know me, but as a middle aged white man with aContinue reading “Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room…”

Work From Home Or Work From *Anywhere?*

The work world – along with almost ever other aspect of our lives – has changed dramatically in 2020. While many industries and job functions cannot be done remotely, those that can have switched to a new way of doing things. As COVID-19 vaccines come closer to being a reality, and organizations begin to planContinue reading “Work From Home Or Work From *Anywhere?*”