How a Digital Detox Could Benefit You

Every Sunday morning, my phone vibrates and pops up a notification to show me how much “screen time” I’ve spent on my phone over the past week. Every week I think with some dismay, “that can’t be right.” But then when I think about how much time I’ve also spent in front of a laptopContinue reading “How a Digital Detox Could Benefit You”

RBG And Turning A Trail To A Highway

“Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday brought with it instant questions and analysis about what her death means in this American moment, and all the possibilities ofContinue reading “RBG And Turning A Trail To A Highway”

Balancing The “More” With The “New”

Many organizational questions boil down to the categories of Evolution and Revolution: “What can we improve or change?” (Evolution) and “What can we do that hasn’t been done before?” (Revolution). A number meetings I’ve been a part of recently – with different groups of people, in different contexts – have ended up circling the same question: “Instead of Evolution,Continue reading “Balancing The “More” With The “New””

Build “Breathing Breaks” Into Your Day

In Building Bridges Leadership’s webinar “Othering” – The Harm of Exclusion & How to Avoid It, we look at a number of reasons we all make biased decisions. One major factor that’s true for us all is that our brains take in around 11 millions bits of information per second – a number that has increasedContinue reading “Build “Breathing Breaks” Into Your Day”

Stop, Collaborate And Listen

On July 4th, ’90s rapper Vanilla Ice was scheduled to play a concert in Austin, Texas. Billed as being a “carefree return to the pre-coronavirus ’90s”, he was promoting the show as late as July 2nd, before quickly reversing course just four hours later, saying “I listened to my fans… I didn’t know the numbersContinue reading “Stop, Collaborate And Listen”

Seek Out A Different Perspective

“I heard that we are all in the same boat, but it’s not like that. We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship could be shipwrecked, and mine might not be.” You may have seen a version of this quote floating around on social media over the last several weeks.Continue reading “Seek Out A Different Perspective”

How Starting A Book Club At Work Can Help Your Organization

In these unusual times, have you been reading more than usual? Have you gravitated more towards non-fiction, to learn more about our world, its history and its people through the perspective of others? Or towards fiction, to either escape or to learn something about yourself from the narrative of someone in a world that’s notContinue reading “How Starting A Book Club At Work Can Help Your Organization”

Unplug and Be Present

Chances are, your world has been upended over the last week, and you are certainly not alone. With much of the world adjusting to life with COVID-19, daily life has changed dramatically. You may be walking around near-deserted streets for your work, working from home with kids bustling around you, or feeling alone and looking for connection. NeedlessContinue reading “Unplug and Be Present”

The Value of Pre-Made Commitments

“I have found that my pre-made commitments — the ones you refuse to talk yourself out of — are the ones that stick… Anything I’ve enjoyed doing in the long run — marriage, business, leadership — I was terrible at to start. But I made the pre-made commitment to improve and I’ve tried to learn from myContinue reading “The Value of Pre-Made Commitments”

Drop-In AMAs

Do you have that one colleague whose work you just don’t understand? You’re always confused about what their role is and what it is they actually do? Turning it around, would any colleagues wonder the same about you? Whether we work in a complex organizations with multiple departments, or in a small tight-nit organization, manyContinue reading “Drop-In AMAs”