Futureproofing & Parallel-pathing – the “Garbage Language” We Use in the Workplace

“No matter where I’ve worked, it has always been obvious that if everyone agreed to use language in the way that it is normally used, which is to communicate, the workday would be two hours shorter.“ – Molly Young, “Garbage Language: Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?“ Have you seen this piece from New YorkContinue reading “Futureproofing & Parallel-pathing – the “Garbage Language” We Use in the Workplace”

The Value of Pre-Made Commitments

“I have found that my pre-made commitments — the ones you refuse to talk yourself out of — are the ones that stick… Anything I’ve enjoyed doing in the long run — marriage, business, leadership — I was terrible at to start. But I made the pre-made commitment to improve and I’ve tried to learn from myContinue reading “The Value of Pre-Made Commitments”

“And the Award for Best Acting in a Workplace goes to…”

Not being yourself in the workplace might help you win an Oscar if you work in Hollywood, but in most work environments, it just leads to burnout. And for most of us, not being yourself isn’t as obvious as acting as Judy Garland or the Joker. It’s usually more subtle, like hiding pieces of our identity thatContinue reading “And the Award for Best Acting in a Workplace goes to…”

Choose a Different Seat

Whether you rooted for the 49ers or the Chiefs on Sunday (or adamantly avoided the Super Bowl), whether you are staunchly Democrat or staunchly Republican (or want to stay out of politics altogether), there’s no shortage of “us vs. them” scenarios in the world these days. Whether playful or deadly serious, you needn’t look past your emailContinue reading “Choose a Different Seat”

Understand Your Silos

Do you find that within your organization, it feels like different groups of people are speaking different languages? And that when you get together for a meeting – even about something simple – that misunderstandings and defensiveness occur? In the last few months, one word has come up in every new client meeting I haveContinue reading “Understand Your Silos”

Drop-In AMAs

Do you have that one colleague whose work you just don’t understand? You’re always confused about what their role is and what it is they actually do? Turning it around, would any colleagues wonder the same about you? Whether we work in a complex organizations with multiple departments, or in a small tight-nit organization, manyContinue reading “Drop-In AMAs”

10 Minutes a Day is All it Takes

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? As many as 60% of us set New Year’s resolutions each year (perhaps more so as we enter a new decade). But as few as 8% of us follow through and reach our goals*. If you set resolutions this year, how are they going? Regardless of whether you set resolutions,Continue reading “10 Minutes a Day is All it Takes”

Eat Lunch at a Table (Not Your Desk) and with Someone Else!

Happy New Year! In the first full work week of 2020, many of us are looking for new ways to build connections with others in our organizations; to build a strong inclusive community that generates ideas, increases employee satisfaction, and lowers turnover. Whether you are a manager, a CEO, or a new employee looking to make an impact,Continue reading “Eat Lunch at a Table (Not Your Desk) and with Someone Else!”