Take Time To Take Stock

In the midst of our own busyness – and business – as the world has changed so much on a macro and a micro level over the last few months, it’s easy to forget that each and every one of us has also been fighting a pandemic. Playing our own individual role in preventing the spread of COVID-19 brings its own exhaustion and stresses, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Of course, while many of us don’t think much about how our own individual actions are saving lives, many of us fall into the mode of “Keep Calm and Carry On“, pushing forward and not letting anything stop us from what’s next. This can be important and even necessary at times, but one side effect is that we don’t think about – let alone appreciate – what we’ve already done.

This week’s tip:

Individually or with your work team, set aside some time to take stock of everything you’ve done, and accomplished, since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. Take time to reflect and then spend time writing down your successes, your completed projects, the challenges you’ve addressed, the adjustments and reconfigurations you’ve made, and creative projects you have made progress on. Then display these on a piece of paper in your workspace as a reminder to yourself. And take some time to discuss them with friends or colleagues, and invite them to share their own with you also.

Try this out this week, and let us know how it goes in our Facebook group! We’d love to hear from you. As always, you can subscribe to our feed here, or sign up for our weekly newsletter to get these articles directly in your inbox.

Published by Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson is the founder of Building Bridges Leadership, which works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create authentic community in the workplace. He also writes children's fiction and teaches creative writing.

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