Stop Overscheduling Yourself!

How often do you end up working much later than you wanted to? Do you often get to the end of your workday and find that you didn’t get everything done that you’d planned? Do you ever have back-to-back meetings and find that one needs to be rescheduled because something urgent has interrupted your day?

We all lose time every day to interruptions. If we don’t expect them and plan for them, these interruptions throw off our entire day. It can get in the way of building meaningful connections with our colleagues, and it can cut into time that we want to spend outside of work.

This week’s tip:

Plan for interruptions! Schedule time on your calendar each day for interruptions. Place it early in your workday; if the interruptions don’t happen then, you can work on some of the projects you’ve got scheduled for later in the day. That later time is then freed up for when the interruptions do happen. And if you’re lucky enough to not have any urgent interruptions that day, use that time to connect with co-workers or clients to build meaningful and productive relationships.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. We’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to learn more about how to schedule your time effectively, read Rosemary Tator and Alesia Latson’s book More Time For You.

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Published by Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson is the founder of Building Bridges Leadership, which works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create authentic community in the workplace. He also writes children's fiction and teaches creative writing.

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