The Value of Pre-Made Commitments

“I have found that my pre-made commitments — the ones you refuse to talk yourself out of — are the ones that stick… Anything I’ve enjoyed doing in the long run — marriage, business, leadership — I was terrible at to start. But I made the pre-made commitment to improve and I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes.”

– Paul Griffiths, General Manager, Digital Health Solutions at Perficient

Do you find that some of the things you most care about slip through the cracks? Or that your beliefs and your actions don’t entirely match up because something seemingly-urgent takes priority?

In our busier-than-ever culture, we are all juggling a multitude of balls and spinning plates at the same time. But think about something you do on a regular basis no matter what. Do you forget to travel to work? Or forget to eat or sleep? Other than in rare circumstances, the answer is probably no. Those are pre-made commitments that you keep regardless of what else is going on.

This week’s tip:

Create a pre-made commitment! Turn something you have been wanting to make time for into a pre-made commitment and put it on your calendar as a recurring item. Refuse to talk yourself out of doing it each time it comes up on your calendar, whether that’s weekly, daily, or monthly.

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Published by Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson is the founder of Building Bridges Leadership, which works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create authentic community in the workplace. He also writes children's fiction and teaches creative writing.

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